Bedmaster Inc. has been producing quality dairy equipment since 1981 in the farmland of Lewisville, Idaho. It is owned by George Ellsworth, a farmer and inventor. Here is our story:

1981 was a cold winter. Bedding the cow corrals with a pitchfork didn’t make it any less harsh. While spreading the straw the idea came to George of using hydraulics to spread entire bales of straw more efficiently, and a few months later he developed and produced The “Bedmaster” Bedding Machine. The original is still in operation today.

The unique feature of Bedmaster’s dairy machines are the specially designed blades and tightly welded construction, that chop cleanly and spread efficiently with little maintenance. Some have tried to imitate our products, but our quality and service have outlasted the copies, with many customers asking us to replace their duplicated machines.


Owner George Ellsworth with the Bedmaster crew.

Bedmaster has expanded it’s line of products since 1981 to fit a wider range of needs in the dairy and forestation industry. Bedmaster also produces custom machines tailored to the needs of our customers. So if you have a need you think we can fill, please give us a call.

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